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Effective Salesforce Consulting

Implementing scalable Salesforce solutions to optimise business goals, through collaboration and authentic working relationships.


How can we help you and your team with Salesforce?

About Mint Consulting

We’re here to work with you.

Cultivating authentic, collaborative and transparent relationships with our clients is the foundation upon which we can deliver parsimonious and effective Salesforce solutions for you and your team.

What You Need

Across the CRM marketplace there is a need for high-quality, personal and iterative Salesforce consultation¬†that leverages the platform’s power to help SMEs with their unique needs and functions, without incurring typically extravagant premiums.

Our Solution

MiNT Consulting comes together to meet this need with a passion and curiosity for the Salesforce platform, and a strong desire to cultivate meaningful and authentic working relationships to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions.

Why MiNT?

We are a network of close friends with a range of experiences across the Salesforce ecosystem. We understand the diverse ways that businesses can leverage this powerful tool to meet their unique needs. We want to work with our clients to get it right.

Why Mint Consulting?

We’re dedicated to finding the right solutions for your organisation.

Pulling from a diverse range of experience, our team will seek to find the best fitted solution, tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Salesforce Implementation

  • Business Development
  • System Design & Implementation
  • Salesforce Governance
  • Solution Documentation

Business and System Consulting

  • Business Consulting
  • Process Optimisation
  • Documentation
  • Salesforce User Training

System Optimisation

  • System Design
  • Consultation
  • System Health Check
  • Data Cleanup

Lightning Migration

  • Impact Assessment
  • Deployment Plan
  • Training and Documentation
  • Salesforce Governance

Managed Services

  • Salesforce Administration
  • Health Checks
  • Knowledge Transfers
  • Release Readiness
  • Change Management
  • User Training & Governance

Support and Implementation

  • Docusign
  • Conga
  • SMS Magic
  • CPQ
  • FinancialForce, Breadwinner
  • And many more…

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